Shadiah, Grace and Catherine receive their goats

Shadiah, Grace and Catherine receive their goats

RACOBAO tells Shadiah’s story

Nalweyiso Shadiah 15, did not ever imagine she would become a household head at such a tender age. Shadiah’s predicament began when she lost her father to HIV and AIDS in 2006 and her mum later. She automatically dropped out of school to take care of her two siblings Nakitende Grace, 10 and Namukiibi Catherine 8. They are both in primary school level two. Shadiah works so hard to maintain her family because they were left in a vulnerable state and the house in which they stay does not offer any comfort as it is very weak and leaks. When asked about whether they have a toilet or bathroom, she laughs and exclaims, “With a house that is almost collapsing, how  can we give any priority to such a luxury!!!?”

Shadiah is optimistic due to the counseling she has received from RACOBAO. She always endeavors to make ends meet by digging in the nearby gardens in exchange for cash. This however is quite inadequate given the numerous responsibilities, which range from scholastic materials, clothing and food.

RACOBAO on top of supporting this family with improved seeds for planting also supported them with 3 goats specifically funded by OPDU. The goats were treated by a vet and the families were trained on how to look after the goats.

Shadiah was all smiles as she narrated, “My priority is going to be these goats, I will look after them very well, they will reproduce and I will sell off some of the off springs when in need of financial support. My burden has been relieved and I will surely support my siblings through school. Thank you OPDU and RACOBAO for rekindling our lost hope.”

This household however still faces the challenge of poor shelter and the lack of a pit latrine.