Benon and his brothers with goats

Benon and his brothers show off their goats

RACOBAO tells Benon’s story:

Benon Kakuba, 16 is very grateful that he has made it this far. He has three young brothers Byarugaba Geofrey, 14, Tashobya Jackson, 12 and Nuwabine Moses, 10. They also stay with their niece Nabbanja Lillian, 6.

The plight of this family began 10 years ago when their father succumbed to HIV and AIDS. Life became unbearable but they at least had the comfort of their mother. Overwhelmed, their mother abandoned them in 2004. At 12, Benon took full responsibility for the family amidst inadequacies like food, medicine and scholastic materials. Their house was very impoverished with hardly any household items. The children all dropped out of school as a result of frequent sickness and depression.

Kakinda Joseph the RACOBAO counselor identified this family in 2004 and linked them to RACOBAO for support which included 2 goats, improved seeds for planting and cassava cuttings. These provided a little bit of relief but were not sufficient given the situation.

With support from OPDU, this family has been provided with 2 other goats given their situation. The counselor also advised the children to join the free primary education program. In 2005, the counselor also linked Benon to St. Johns Comprehensive secondary school where he was able to complete Senior 4 as a school dependent .He performed very well and the offspring’s from the goats will help him complete his A level studies and cater for other household needs when the need arises. On receiving the goats, Benon was almost breathlessly joyous he couldn’t believe this offer. “It is a great honor to me and God has heard and answered our call. With these goats, I will ensure that my siblings go to school. When the goats grow up and multiply, we shall sell some and buy scholastic materials and household necessities,” remarked Benon. Benon wants to be a doctor after his studies. He is currently studying Biology, Mathematics, and Chemistry.

RACOBAO provides a home

Since this report, RACOBAO has built a new home for Benon and his family.

Benon and family

Benon has cared for his siblings since the age of 12.