Supporting the Livestock Project at RACOBAO

One of Open Door Project Uganda’s activities is supporting the Livestock Project at the Rural Action Community Based Organisation (RACOBAO). Thanks to individual donations to ODPU, we have been able to fund breeding pairs of goats for numerous families. While goat meat may occasionally be eaten by these families, goats are usually kept until the family needs income for home repairs, medical bills or school fees – which the sale of a goat can make possible. Please read these reports from RACOBAO about some of the families who have recently received goats. Because they tell the stories so well, they have not been edited.

OPDU comes to Shadiah’s rescue

Shadiah, Grace and Catherine receive their goats

Shadiah, Grace and Catherine receive their goats

Nalweyiso Shadiah 15, takes care of her sisters Nakitende Grace, 10, and Namukiibi Catherine, 8, after AIDS claimed both of their parents.

Shadiah was all smiles as she narrated, “My priority is going to be these goats, I will look after them very well, they will reproduce and I will sell off some of the off springs when in need of financial support. My burden has been relieved and I will surely support my siblings through school. Thank you OPDU and RACOBAO for rekindling our lost hope.”

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Kakuba Benon looks forward to the future

Godfrey with his goats

Godfrey, Benon’s young brother holds the rope with the goats given to his family under OPDU funding

Benon Kakuba, 16, studies Biology, Mathematics, and Chemistry when he is not caring for his three younger brothers and his 6-year-old niece.

“It is a great honor to me and God has heard and answered our call. With these goats, I will ensure that my siblings go to school. When the goats grow up and multiply, we shall sell some and buy scholastic materials and household necessities,” remarked Benon.

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Harriet’s tears of Joy – excited about the goat support from OPDU

Harriet with her new goats

Harriet, 66, gets ready to look after her 2 goats. At right is her son, Semanda.

Kabbundu Harriet, 66, had almost lost all hope until RACOBAO intervened and provided this family with reason to smile. With the help of her teenage son, Semanda, Harriet looks after 4 orphans and 3 disabled daughters.

“Whenever Semanda is at school, I will always look after the goats because its not a complicated task given my age. I am very grateful for the support OPDU has provided to my already marginalized family. I see some light at the end of the tunnel.”

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